"Nothing beautiful in this world
is ever really lost."











Our Mission

We commemorate and honor your loved one's passing by taking care of all the unforeseen things. Things as large as a life celebration video and as small as pet care. Thus allowing your family and friends to come together undisturbed.

The end of life is the most difficult time that many of us will ever face.

You rely on family and friends for emotional support, and for help to put together an appropriate and personal memorial for your loved one. In this difficult time, With Amazing Grace will sit down with you to establish what details will be needed to be arranged. Every life leaves a distinct and individual arc of moments and images. We can transform these moments and images into a presentation for the life celebration or to share with family and friends online. We will focus on all of your needs, outside of the funeral, including your need for privacy and space.

Our commitment to quality and dignity is the utmost priority. Because there are always details that cannot be anticipated, With Amazing Grace is committed to identifying each of these details and to troubleshooting anything that may come up throughout the event and its planning.