"What a beautiful difference
one single life made."

Annie Gibbons
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When a loved one is lost, we all feel helpless and want to help in some way. When I started this Company it was because of my own personal loss. When my neighbors son was killed at the age of 21, I was able to listen and determine what needed to be done for their family and went to work to arrange all of these pieces. As a result, it made sense to me to offer the service as an Event detail coordinating at the time of a funeral through my business, "with Amazing Grace".

The services that I provide are only as good as the preferred vendors that I work with. Established relationships with highly reputable companies translates into impeccable quality and immediate response times. Coordinating some of the most basic services, whether it be accommodations for incoming family and friends or last minute house cleaning, provides such a piece of mind when a family needs to attend a funeral service. Even the organization of incoming food and flowers arriving to the home. Whatever detail comes up, the client is able to offshoot the task to, with Amazing Grace, and feel confident that it is being taken care of completely and professionally.

About The Founder, Annie Gibbons
Annie Gibbons grew up in Lincoln Massachusetts, is a New England College Graduate and moved to Cape Cod after 18 years in the mountains of Breckenridge Colorado. Shortly after moving to Cape Cod with her husband and two daughters, Annie started her in home personal training business, One on One. Like most people, Annie has experienced the loss of loved ones first hand. During this difficult time she always found herself taking control of the details and needs of the survivors when things became overwhelming. There was always Gratitude and positive feedback regarding the value of these efforts. In 2009, after helping one of her closest friends during the funeral of her son, Annie realized that the service of coordinating the details of the event of a funeral is a service that would benefit many people. It became clear that this should be made into a business so she could offer it to those beyond her family and friends. With Amazing Grace was founded.