"Within our heart and in our memories,
those we love remain with us always"

Annie Gibbons
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you work for Funeral Homes?
No, I am a separate business and in no way am not licensed in the Funeral Industry. I coordinate the details that occur because of the passing of a loved one.
2.Do you have staff to perform all of the services that you arrange?
I have a list of professional preferred vendors that have agreed to work with me to Provide exceptional services at a moments notice.
3. Why do you want to be in this business, isn't it sad?
While the passing of a loved one is an extremely sad and emotional, we offer a service that can be a great gift to those needing to spend time together undisturbed. We are very proud to be able to put together an appropriate and personal memorial for the life of a loved one. Very often this helps in the process the loss.
4. Who is your market?
Mostly Baby boomers and their parents. Being a Baby Boomer myself, I know we want the last word and control over everything. We want to say who we were and how we lived our lives. We want our parents legacy documented for our children and theirs.
5. What kind of themes have you used?
* Golf
* Crossword puzzles
* Fishing
* Cooking
* Blogs
* Marathons
* Neckties
* Artists