"As we grieve, let's tell the stories, be grateful for the lessons and treasure the memories"

Personal Tributes

Some of the greatest wealth that a person has resides within. The value of ones insights, their personal story and inspirations are too valuable to be lost.



Personal Tributes Celebrations

The Personal Tribute Celebration is in place to help you articulate what is closest to your heart through a retrospective.

You will be able to leave the people in your life the value of your insight, your life story and the value of your love and feelings. Some of the greatest wealth that you have resides within you and is too valuable to be lost.

These productions take 3 to 6 months to complete and are prepared as a gift to leave loved ones. Each Personal Tribute will take many different forms. Some not only have you in the production, but it will also have many friends, family and sometimes even business partners that will be participating to reflect thoughts and stories about a persons life. In addition to the retrospective production, themes, hobbies and passions will be identified to be used in the planning for any life celebrations to be used on the occasion of your passing.