"As we grieve, let's tell the stories, be grateful for the lessons and treasure the memories"

Annie Gibbons
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a word from our Clients

One month ago, my wife and I listened to a business program on the local radio station, the subject was assistance and wish fulfillment at the time of death.

Although hypothetical, it stirred an informal discussion amongst ourselves of each other's wishes and desires.

Ironically, 2 weeks later, my wife was stricken with a heart attack and suddenly passed away. Being a business executive, I felt I could quickly co-ordinate things, and also have a family and friend support system to assist.

The "Epiphany" we quickly discovered was that everyone involved was in mourning and grief, and incapable of performing anything except the most rudimentary tasks, the timelines were moving quickly, and in particularly there was no consideration to adding anything to the services that would bring my wife's essence to the healing process.

Annie lovingly stepped in, gave us the direction, insight, understanding, time and expertise to help us both fulfill my wife's wishes, and add a dimension to comfort the entire attending community, as a Celebration of Life, capturing the spirit, and wonderful memories we all had shared.

I can not say enough about the myriad of services, only that I don't know how we could have gotten through our time of need without her.

Thank You Annie,
Joe Rofe Brant Rock, MA